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Let’s elect Lula and PSOL deputies

Esquerda Online Editorial Setember 27, 2022. Translation: Daniel Kraucher
PSOL com Lula
Bernardo Guerreiro

There are only five days left to the most important political decision of the last decades in Brazil. Lula can win in the first round. This is vital to putting an end to the most tragic and criminal government in our recent history.

Bolsonaro’s move to the second round would give fascism more time to propagate violence and coupism. Therefore, nothing is more important than the battle for the presidential election to end on Sunday, October 2nd. Every vote for Lula can be decisive. It’s time to expand the campaign of hope on the streets, networks, neighborhoods, work and study places. It’s time to fight and win!

Although it is decisive, it is not enough to elect Lula. It is also necessary to strengthen the left in the National Congress and in the State Assemblies. In this sense, Esquerda Online presents in this editorial seven reasons for you to vote (and tell your friends and family to vote) for PSOL candidates for federal and state deputy.

1- PSOL fought the coup and is with Lula to defeat Bolsonaro
PSOL was against the coup that overthrew Dilma. The party fought Temer and Bolsonaro governments. The socialists were against the agenda of withdrawal of social and labor rights and were with the anti-racist, feminist, indigenous and LGBTQI population struggles. Even though being critical of Alckmin nomination as vice president , in this election, PSOL is supporting Lula to defeat Bolsonaro in the 1st round. It’s deputies are known for their combativeness and consistency in defending the working and oppressed people. Expanding PSOL’s bench is essential to strengthen the left and the struggles to come.

2- Strengthen the fight against “bolsonarism” in parliament and on the streets
Even if Bolsonaro’s defeat in the presidential election is confirmed, the reactionary forces of the right and the far right may elect a significant bench of parliamentarians in the National Congress as well as in the state assemblies. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the left bench to advance in the fight against fascism, the “centrão” and neoliberalism. Vote for PSOL candidates, who are known for their uncompromising political fight against the far right and the right.

3- More women, blacks and LGBTs in politics
Most PSOL candidates are black, women and LGBTQI leaders. They are committed to the struggle against sexism, racism, capacitism, LGBTphobia and other forms of oppression. Voting for the PSOL candidates will reinforce the representation and struggle of oppressed social majorities.

4- Strengthen the struggle in defense of workers and national sovereignty
PSOL and its representatives have always been on the side of the working people struggling against the withdrawal of social and labor rights and against the handing over of public patrimony and national wealth. By electing PSOL deputies you will give more strength to the strugle for the repeal of the (counter)reforms and privatizations that have been carried out in recent years.

5- Expand the bench in defense of the environment and indigenous peoples
PSOL makes a firm fight against the destruction of nature and in defense of the lands of indigenous peoples and quilombolas. The party advocates a broad agroecological reform in the country. By electing PSOL’s parliamentarians you will strengthen the environmentalist and indigenous struggle.

6- PSOL needs to overcome the “barrier clause” to continue to exist
It is vital for PSOL to overcome the “barrier clause” in order to survive institutionally. Without this overcome, PSOL becomes a party without conditions for parliamentary representation. This means electing at least 11 federal deputies. The party must achieve an increase of at least 50% growth in valid votes. Those on the left must be aware that this challenge is real. Anyone who wants PSOL to survive must help elect PSOL deputies.

7- Strengthen the anti-capitalist struggle. For an ecosocialist world!
Capitalism increasingly produces more hunger, inequality, environmental destruction, racism, sexism and wars. PSOL defends another model of society, an ecosocialist model, to end all forms of oppression and exploitation and the destruction of nature.

Therefore, on Sunday, the 2nd, let’s all go together with Lula and PSOLs’ deputies!