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Mike Pompeo, get out of Latin America and Brazil

From the editorial staff
Pompeo usa terno escuro, camisa branca e gravata azul. Ele olha para cima, em solenidade. Ao fundo, as bandeiras do Brasil e dos Estados Unidos.
Marcelo Camargo / Ag. Brasil

Mike Pompeo

Earlier this week, the United States government announced that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is to visit several countries in Latin America. Between September 17 and 20, the far-right politician from the United States will visit countries such as Colombia, Suriname and Guyana, and of course, Brazil.

What is most striking is that all the countries Pompeo will visit either directly border or are very close to Venezuela, and that these countries all have lackey governments that subjugate themselves to U.S. imperialist interests in the region.

“This agenda is another provocation by the Trump government against the sovereign interests of Venezuela.”

Pompeo’s agenda is another provocation by the Trump government against the sovereign interests of Venezuela. In Brazil this Friday, Pompeo will visit a Venezuelan refugee processing center located in the northernmost state of Roraima that borders Venezuela.

This action is another unequivocal demonstration of the total subordination of the Jair Bolsonaro government to U.S. imperialist interests in the region. The Bolsonaro government has even redeployed a significant contingent of Brazilian military personnel to Roraima, thus further reinforcing this provocation against Venezuela.

The combined action of the U.S. and its regional lackeys, in particular the governments of Ivan Duque in Colombia and Bolsonaro in Brazil, have put Venezuelan authorities on alert for possible military action against Venezuela.

Even if there is no actual military action, this concerted action on Venezuela’s border regions is all the more an act of pressure and interference against its national sovereignty.

In the same vein, the European Union has just denounced the government of Nicolás Maduro for crimes against humanity. This is yet another orchestrated action that attempts to politically destabilize the country, which is preparing for legislative elections on 6 December 6 this year.

Defense of Venezuelan sovereignty in the face of U.S. imperialist attacks must be a priority for the left and the social movements of Latin America. We need to consolidate an international campaign in defense of Venezuelan sovereignty.

We need to denounce and vehemently fight the criminal economic blockade sponsored by the U.S. governments, the European Union and other countries subservient to imperialism. The blockade is the principal factor behind the economic crisis in Venezuela.

We do not need to be supporters of the Maduro government to understand what is really at stake. Any U.S. intervention into Venezuela, either directly or through its regional allies, would call into question the sovereignty of the whole of Latin America at a time when the Trump administration is seeking reelection, and would intensify the recolonization offensive in the region.

Therefore, even though we do not politically support the Maduro government, we have no doubt whatsoever that we are on the side of the Venezuelan people and their legitimate government against the imperialist attacks of Trump, Duque and Bolsonaro.

We support the “Fora Pompeo” twitaço, the “Out With Pompeo” twitter hashtag campaign called by the Bolivarian Revolution Solidarity Committee of Rio de Janeiro (CSRB-RJ) for this Thursday 10 a.m., and other social movement and left-wing party initiatives against this visit.

Fora Mike Pompeo da América Latina e do Brasil.
Mike Pompeo, get out of Latin America and Brazil.

This article is an English translation of Fora Mike Pompeo da América Latina e do BrasilEsquerda Online (EOL), 17/09/2020.

Translation: Bobby Sparks

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