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Brazil Demands: Jail for Bolsonaro and the Coup-Plotting Generals!

Leandro Olimpio

The ‘Tempus Veritatis‘ operation holds enormous significance. Firstly, because it proves there was a long and systematic coup plot whose culmination was the January 8th attempted coup. Secondly, it convincingly demonstrates that Bolsonaro and several high-ranking members of his government were orchestrating the authoritarian plan. Thirdly, it reaches the core of Bolsonaro-supporting generals and, thus, reveals the extensive coup plot within the Armed Forces.

With this, Brazil has a historic opportunity that cannot be missed. What has never happened in the country before must happen this time: strict punishment for the political and military leadership involved in an attempted coup. This must fundamentally mean jail for Bolsonaro and the coup-plotting generals. If this unique chance is squandered, the price to be paid might be, in the not-so-distant future, the occurrence of a new and successful coup against democracy and the working people.

Time to take to the streets for the arrest of Bolsonaro and the generals

Alexandre de Moraes is leading the process that cornered the coup direction. Fortunately, up to now, the Minister, with the support of the majority of the Supreme Court, has been acting firmly and rigorously in the case. Meanwhile, the Lula government has been rightly supporting the investigations.

It is crucial that the ongoing action goes to the utmost consequences. But without the streets, it might be limited and perhaps defeated. Bolsonarism still preserves political and ideological influence in broad layers of the population. The Bolsonaro base believes in the narrative that Bolsonaro is a victim of ‘persecution.’ At the top of the Armed Forces, there may be movement to try to halt the investigations. Mourão demanded this yesterday in the Senate, threatening in a coup-like tone. We cannot underestimate the enemies.

Therefore, the left, social movements, and the Lula government cannot stand ‘sideline watching’ the outcome of this process as mere spectators. We are at a crucial moment that could represent a qualitative defeat of fascism in the country. It’s time to call the people to the streets, exerting pressure for the arrest of Bolsonaro and the coup-plotting generals. It is necessary to show that there is popular mobilization to put in jail those who tried to establish a new dictatorship in the country.

in the post image:
“The left needs to retake the streets of the country, urgently, and demand punishment for the coup core led by Bolsonaro. If Bolsonaro and the coup generals are not arrested, if there is impunity, it will be a matter of time before they seek to promote a new coup attempt.
4:17 pm · Feb 15, 2024”

The ‘Povo Sem Medo’ (Fearless People) and ‘Brasil Popular’ (Popular Brazil) fronts can and must lead the articulation of social movements, students, and unions, marking a unified day of action across the country. PSOL, PT, PCdoB, and other left-wing parties, as well as their parliamentarians and leaders, can and should be at the forefront of the mobilization. Unity, courage, and boldness are needed! Against fascism, it is necessary to show strength, striking it hard when the opportunity arises.

The importance of the battle on social media and also during Carnival

In addition to the streets, social media is a key stage for political struggle. A survey by Quaest revealed that the PF’s action had a gigantic impact on the internet, reaching more than 50 million people in a single day. According to the survey, 58% of the posts were against Bolsonaro and 42% in his favor. Amplifying the leadership of the left in the battle in the coming weeks is crucial, as we know the strength of Bolsonarism also on social media.

The country is already in a carnival mood, which besides joy and celebration, also represents a space for political criticism. Thus, nothing better than the biggest popular festival of our people to send, with a lot of humor and irreverence, Bolsonaro and the coup-plotting military to jail! Costumes, banners, posters, songs, and everything else are very welcome!

The hand must not tremble

A window of opportunity has opened, which may pass quickly. If we let the enemy escape when it can be crushed, it will return with more force soon after.

If Bolsonaro and the coup-plotting military leadership are rigorously punished, the country will have immeasurable democratic triumph. There will be better conditions for the popular and left-wing struggle for the necessary social transformations.

The Lula government must remain firm in supporting investigations and punishments for the Bolsonaro command, without hesitating in the face of pressures for conciliation that will exist. The Minister of Defense, José Múcio, always willing to cover up for the military, should be dismissed.

Without political pressure and popular mobilization, we cannot trust that the Supreme Court will take the process to its ultimate consequences. Any amnesty for the coup command will be unforgivable. The left and social movements need to rise to the historic moment, occupying the streets and the networks, unafraid to fight against fascism.