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In the face of the coupist invasion: time to stand by the democracy and the arrest of Bolsonaro and all coupist leaders!

Manifestantes invadem Congresso, STF e Palácio do Planalto.
Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil

Manifestantes invadem Congresso, STF e Palácio do Planalto.

In a planned way, bolsonarists invaded and vandalized the National Congress, the Supreme Court (STF) and the Planalto Palace [Executive] this Sunday (8). The serious coup action, with terrorist methods, is Jair Bolsonaro’s direct responsibility.

This violent act would not have happened without the complicity of the police and the government of the Federal District (DF). Those responsible for the fascist coup attempt, starting with Bolsonaro, need to be arrested immediately. All participants, funders and mentors of today’s action must be identified and punished rigorously.

Faced with the criminal omission of the government of Ibaneis Rocha, the federal intervention in the security of the DF enacted by Lula is absolutely correct. But this measure is not enough to ensure the safety of Brasília and the President of the Republic. Governor Ibaneis needs to be removed from office while his responsibility for what happened is investigated. Correctly, the Attorney General’s Office called for the arrest of Anderson Torres, Bolsonaro’s former Minister of Justice and the DF’s security secretary responsible for the complicity.

The invasion of the head offices of the three branches by fascists represents a direct threat to democracy and to the Brazilian people. It is important to point out that bolsonarism will not be satisfied with the invasion of Brasilia. If they are not harshly repressed and immediately contained, they will advance in a coup offensive.

All the Republic institutions and political forces that claim to be committed to democracy have a duty to respond quickly and firmly to the serious threat of the coup. The Lula administration, the main target of fascist action, needs to lead a decided national political response in the defense of democracy.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to go beyond institutional actions. It is necessary that social movements, left wing parties, unions and black, feminist, LGBT, indigenous and student movements call, in a unified manner, a national demonstration in the streets of the whole country in defense of democracy and the arrest of coupists. It is with popular struggle that we will defeat fascism!

No freedom to the enemies of freedom!

Immediate arrest of the terrorists, starting with Bolsonaro!

Mobilization in the streets against the coup attempt and fascism!