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PSOL motion against the attack on the Kurdish people

PSOL - Partido Socialismo e Liberdade, translated from portuguese by Daniel Kraucher
Delil Souleiman

Erdogan’s authoritarian government has attacked several civilian villages in northeast Syria, including Kobane and the entire Kurdish region, claiming retaliation for an attack in Istanbul at the weekend. Turkey bombed on Wednesday (23rd) Kurdish forces that control the Al-Hol detention camp in northeastern Syria, where more than 50,000 people are held.

PSOL has historically supported the struggle of the Kurdish people, for their self-determination, and denounced Recep Erdogan’s regime in Turkey as anti-democratic and oppressive.

We join the International declarations of the left that have appealed “to avoid another humanitarian catastrophe in the region”. PSOL condemns the bombings and calls on the Brazilian left to surround the Kurdish cause with solidarity.

PSOL National Executive

November 27, 2022

Originally published on the website of PSOL: Resolução do PSOL contra o ataque ao povo curdo