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Independence on the left: PSOL facing the future Lula government

By Felipe Demier, translated from portuguese by Daniel Kraucher
Ricardo Stuckert

The PT’s support to Lira brings to mind Gramsci’s well-worn but precise sentence:  “History teaches, but has no pupils”. For its part, “Centrão” – as well as MDB, the traditional organic right and all sectors of the bourgeoisie that, for the time being, are leaning towards a “national union” with Lula – shall sing a verse from the poet of the slate eyes: “ I forgive you for betraying you” [refers to Chico Buarque’s song “Mil Perdões” or “A thousand apologies”. t/n].

PSOL’s stance of not supporting Arthur Lira in his re-election for the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies is important. “What is fair is what is fair”, and it is certain that the socialist left must not hesitate for a single second, in the streets and in Parliament, to defend the Lula government from neo-fascist attacks, in the same way that there should be no doubts regarding the defense of the workers, also in the streets and in Parliament,  in the face of possible (and, unfortunately, likely) anti-popular/pro-capital measures coming from the Planalto Palace [the seat of the federal government]. To this end, that is, to combat Bolsonarist neo-fascism and at the same time achieve social conquests that improve the lives of the people – and it is only through the second axis that the first one can succeed effectively -, the socialist left should not be part of the future government, rather should place itself on it’s left and be independent from it. The socialists should never criticize the government along with the right-wing, just as well as should never support the government when, in its proposals, the government acts along with the right-wing.

As true independence cannot be negotiated, and as there will be a lot of cheat at the Last Supper, it is not convenient for us to be just another apostle at the table where even Lira already seems to drag a chair and join in. There will be many new Christians, some Jesuits and certainly many Judas. We better preserve a little, at least a little, of our Essene way of life. Thus, it does not take a lot of effort to understand that the translation of the political independence of the socialist left in Parliament cannot be its adherence to any of the blocs to be constituted in the House, neither – obviously! – the bloc of the (right-wing) opposition, nor the one from the government (after all, who is in the government bloc is the government, and even the stones – and Lira – know it).