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Lula wins and defeats Bolsonaro

By Resistência-PSOL, translated from portuguese by Daniel Kraucher

Lula wins and defeats Bolsonaro

Lula won! The working and oppressed people won. This victory that belongs to the Northeasterners, the humble, the poor women, the black masses, the dreaming youth. Bolsonaro poured money to buy the election. Bolsonarist businessmen threatened workers. The police blocked roads trying to stop the vote from northeasterners. Never before in history has an election been so manipulated and violent. Nevertheless, it was not enough.

We won! It was hard, but we won. Our enemy, the fascism led by Bolsonaro, is dangerous and remains strong. The war will continue. We will have to be stronger, more organized and more mobilized for the battles to come. We will not accept any attempt to disturb Lula’s inauguration, who was democratically elected by the majority of the people.

Let’s take to the streets of the country tonight! We deserve to celebrate the victory over the fascist Bolsonaro! The people deserve this joy.

Tomorrow, we will be alert and mobilized, because the war will continue!

Long live the working and oppressed people! Long live the northeast, the black people, long live the working women! In the struggle, we won this battle — and we will win the war!