In times of Resistance, sow the seeds of Rebellion

Letter announcing the fusion of the Rebellion Ecosocialist Collective with Resistência (Resistance), an internal current of the Party of Socialism and Freedom (PSOL)

Coletiva Ecossocialista Rebelião (Rebellion Ecosocialist Collective)

In the last period, the COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed the brutal inequality to which the majority of the population is subjected. On the one hand, the majority of deaths in the world are concentrated in the Global South and among the non-white population that suffers the consequences of increased hunger and economic recession. On the other, the absolute majority of available vaccines are concentrated in the rich countries, and we see a rise in the number of billionaires, widening the social abyss that already exists.

In Brazil, the country suffers under the weight of the Bolsonaro project that destroys the environment, sells public assets, and threatens the few democratic protections that were won over the last decades.

In this context, rebellion is needed more than ever, it transcends the social moment and becomes the pulse between life and death. Rebelling becomes our only way of living in the world. And in this historic moment, the challenge of building an organization that defends class independence through an ecosocialist program is one of the most audacious tasks.

We are confronted with a crisis of civilization. The sum of all the crises arising from the capitalist system increasingly endangers the survival of the world working class. In this scenario, the ecological catastrophe is not of less importance or an add-on to one more capitalist cyclical crisis.

In this context, history shows us that the organizational advances of revolutionary parties have always been the fruit of splits and fusions, of persistent political struggle, of the fight against bureaucracy and opportunist deviations, which produce concrete experiences which the organizations must deal with.

In the face of the immense challenges that are posed for workers and the construction of revolutionary organizations in the coming period, we are committing to the construction of a strong and unified left, and for this reason, we have decided to add our Rebelliousness to Resistência (Resistance).

We understand that it was the organization that best positioned itself in the aftermath of the coup, that had an audacious policy for the left, that fought for PSOL to become a useful tool for the reorganization of the working class, and in particular encouraged the Homeless Workers’ Movement (MTST), one of the country’s main social movements in the last period, to affiliate to the party. On the electoral terrain, there was São Paulo’s ‘Bancada Feminista’ (Feminist Caucus), a collective project built by organizations that chose to break with sectarianism, build a plural candidacy, pose the program of feminism to the majority together, and continues to battle to build a revolutionary parliamentary mandate, one that supports the struggles of our class.

From this moment we cease to be the Rebellion Ecosocialist Collective and become part of Resistance. We join the struggle to build a unified left, one which is up to the challenge of fighting the far-right which is currently represented by Bolsonarismo and its neo-fascist project, of fighting religious intolerance, racism, LGBTphobia, machismo, and all forms of working class oppression and exploitation. But we also want to build a left that overcomes the projects of class conciliation, as perpetrated by the PT in the last period, and moves forward with the construction of a socialist project for Brazil, that makes the ecological crisis that devastates us central, and understands once and for all that we either walk together with the ecosocialist program as our cornerstone, or we will not have a planet B to make a revolution on.

We will combat fascism, whether dressed in the uniform of Bolsonarismo or the suit of the traditional right. For this, we need a unified left, around a common project of social change, which has women, blacks, indigenous people, and LGBT community members at the forefront, for the construction of an ecosocialist society!

In times of Bolsonarismo, there is urgency to be alive!

This article is an English translation of “Em tempos de Resistência, semear a Rebelião”, [], Esquerda Online (EOL), 05/09/2021.

Translation: Bobby Sparks